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Problems With Shortcut Targets /Doom3 Editting

Radiant's "Project Settings" panel Start the editor and click on the 'file' menu then select 'project settings'. Posted August 9, 2004 Share this post Link to post CodenniumRed Member Joined: 06-04 0 Hah! In the target field, add "+set r_fullscreen 0" to the end of the target path (no quotes). The date and time are set from the timestamp of the .save file. http://phpbbinstallers.net/problems-with/problems-with-new-logitech-s-150-speakers-problems-with-x64-vista.html

See note below)In my case I originally set the command line to 0, which "disabled" full screen, and then ran my game in windowed form. The commands "startBuild" and "finishBuild" along with "image_useOfflineCompression" will generate a batch file (makedds.bat) that contains the commands needed to generate DDS files for all the images that were referenced. If this is the case you'll need to hand edit a specific file Doom3 Radiant uses to get project info. As a matter of fact, this fix might allow you to fix the issue immediately and bypass the CFG file editing entirely.

If you've played around with radiant much, I'm sure you've found more than a few textures that show up as black when used. Making DOOM 3 Mods : Introduction This guide is meant to acquaint you with the features and the possibilities of the Doom 3 engine. maybe it will help others "C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set r_multiSamples 0 +r_fullscreen 0 +seta com_allowConsole 1 +editor +vid_restart Posted August 9, 2004 Share this post Link to post BNA!

There should be a space right before the +. Posted August 8, 2004 Share this post Link to post EllipsusD Senior Member Joined: 09-00 0 "C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +editor +r_fullscreen 0 +r_mode 7 Note where the endquote is. The clients then call idGame::SetUserInfo as well. Copy over viewmodel_grenade and rename it to viewmodel_fireball.

Check it out here. 5/31/05 Doom 3 Mod Wiki Looks like the guys over at Doom 3 Reference started up a Doom 3 mod wiki. We didn't have it packed up in a state that could be easily distributed, and we really didn't want to delay the SDK any more. You should now be able to fire as many fire balls as you want. What about D3Edit itself?

Type "exportModels somefile.def" where somefile.def is the name of the def file that contains your export section. This is where guis and other translucent or alpha blended surfaces get rendered (including particles). It can be NULL if the function doesn't take any parameters. Now I can read up on some tutorials and get to work....

The 1 is added becasue an extra row and column is copied for the bilerp. http://newwikipost.org/topic/1w9d5ZKE5X8hlV3eGmTUi5gy0Q8ruDpC/doom3-problems-questions.html Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote Author Clear_strelok Apr 20 2016 From what you're saying, it seems you have extracted the mod folder into "base" instead of the main Doom 3 Nine times out of ten that fixes it. 9/26/04 More on doom_main If you are not planning on using any of the id maps in your mod, then you should really Posted August 8, 2004 Share this post Link to post BNA!

A few things are frustrating but overall it seems decent, my new system is really fast and haven't ran into any major issues yet. http://phpbbinstallers.net/problems-with/problems-with-sshd.html It is not likely to ever get changed in the main game code though, because that would require moving reload, prev, and next to different impulse commands, thereby breaking everyones config Are the lists handled in the exe? In the target field, add "+set r_fullscreen 0" to the end of the target path (no quotes).

Alternatively, you can set "hide 2" on the monster, then set up a trigger_once that targets the monster. If it finds one, it pulls the name from the first line of that text file. Use this shortcut, works for everybody: yourpath/Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +editor There's also a short FAQ I've written which appears to contain the right way so iron out most of the Check This Out This means an object with 'noSelfShadow' will not cast a shadow onto a different object with 'noSelfShadow' In other news, we're back from the holidays :) 12/09/04 WARNING: Backwards Triangle Generated!

If you set "ambush 1" on the entity, then the monster will only attack if it sees the player (it ignores sounds). Should I be able to select 1920X1080 from the settings? Changes under Monitor 1 would immediately crash the game.

wait a minute...default.cfg is causing problems for me...

This means if you have 0, 1, and 3 set then the third item will not be drawn (because it will see that 2 is not set and stop). finaly found something that works. Un-Mute Sound System The question that prompted me to post this was, "How can I display the previous screen the player saw when switching levels?" Now that we know how the The project comes set up to compile a dll for Maya 4.5.

There are other flags that you can set on the monsters. Multiple columns are supported by inserting \t (the tab character) in the string (note that "tabstops" must be set in the listDef). 6/2/05 Heartbeat There is an issue where sometimes a Fixes & Updates in 1.3: PunkBuster(TM) support has been added. http://phpbbinstallers.net/problems-with/problems-with-wav.html While I'm at it, here are what some of the other performance counters mean: r_showPrimitives 1 views:2 draws:445 tris:11580 (shdw:3216) (vbo:0) image: 5.3 MB views is the number of camera views

GtkRadiant has a similar set of "Project Settings" that can be edited to accommodate custom modifications to a specific version of the game being edited Normally only the Editor need be Change the damage for both to 100. Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote Author Clear_strelok May 13 2016 Yep, right now you can only disable Catalyst AI manually, but the duplicated Exe method is far better ans simpler. Here are import dlls for all the versions of Maya I could find: Maya 4.5 Maya 5.0 Maya 6.0 11/12/04 Rendering Order Mathias was curious as to the exact render order

To run a mod, the client has to download and install it from another source (a website). Double Quote:Darkhaven said:When did he have (someone sticky) in his thread title? Below is the list of fixes and updates in the patch. Fixed ragdoll bounciness.

You must have Maya installed, though it doesn't have to be running when you launch Doom 3. Even if a material is not actually used in the game, the material text file will still get copied over, but the images won't be. It appends the \t and timestamp of the file and sets the gui state var "loadgame_item_%i" for each file found. Eutectic created a custom pack file that cleaned up a lot of the missing shaders, which you can find here. 9/28/04 My Radiant's broken!

Once I figured that out everything worked fined.R_fullscreen, r_mode, g_fov, and r_multisamples always get reset in DoomConfig.cfg whenever you start Doom 3, so putting those commands in the command line instead This will open up the dialogue box shown opposite which by default shows the file path the ID used when they were developing Doom 3, it'll be something like; w:\Doom3 This particle Emit particles from the surface instead of drawing it. No part of this web site may be reproduced (except for personal use, or otherwise stated) without prior written permission from KatsBits.com.

The name and description are set from the first and second lines of the .txt file. Be sure to add #include "script/weapon_fireball.script" to doom_main.script At this point if you run your mod, you should be able to cycle to something that looks like a hand grenade, but Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes Lord_Kane Apr 15 2016 You can just add the created Doom_3.exe to steam and put +set fs_game redux in the set launch options, works just This command gets the name from the "saveGameName" gui var, sees if there is already a .save with that name.

As per instructions I received, I placed this file into the location Computer > C: >... AMD user, can't get the shortcut edit working, what am I doing wrong? All the lists in the PDA (the email list, the PDA list, the video list, the audio log list) are generated in UpdatePDAInfo and AddGuiPDAData.